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Sustainably Social: How festivals on the west coast green their party

At TechForProgress, while we believe in sustainable use of energy and resources, we don’t believe this should come at the expense of modern conveniences.  We should enjoy our lives, albeit consciously.  In that effort, this summer, TechForProgress will be traveling throughout the west coast of the U.S. to assess the ...

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Online that an oxymoron?

Should anyone ever really have a sense of privacy once they hop on the internet.  Most people have no clue what, technologically speaking, happens to their data as it leaves their computer to some remote server somewhere. My philosophy is that any data transmitted over the internet is flat out not ...

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Freedom, Censorship, and the Internet

In a recent article on March 28th, the WSJ reports on the scope of censorship software produced by American companies that is used by sovereignties in the Middle East to block access to sites which contain content deemed objectionable.  The content in question could be cultural in nature or it ...

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Dependency on 3rd Party Services: NO

While updating the website for the Northwest Bronx Coalition, we realized some old pages had some embedded video from youtube and other media providers like ABC.  One of these videos had been taken offline by that particular provider.  This was very frustrating as this particular video really showcased how the ...

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Mobile Media, Dataveillance, & CryptoSMS

Yesterday, there was a great lecture at The Change You Want To See Gallery in Brooklyn, NY about mobile media, dataveillance.  The focus was SMS, or Short Message Service, for the uninitiated, also known as texts.  You can read more about the lecture here. Sms's are much easier to surveil than ...

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